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Gothic Boots Direct

Gothic Boots Direct is a division of Xtreme Footwear and was set-up because we wanted a website just to talk about Gothic Boots and Alternative Footwear without the frills. An outstanding range of Gothic Boots and Gothic Footwear products are available at our main site

There is a wide range of Gothic Boots and alterative footwear available today with the market swamped by three main brands - Demonia, Mad Fish and New Rock.

Demonia's cutting-edge, beyond-the-ordinary line of footwear was designed outside of the mainstream box, catering to the alternative, defiant, and un-conforming individual who seeks the ultimate form of self-expression.

Awesome Mad Fish Boots made using no animal products or bi-products. All glues and solcents are free of any animal content. Suitable for both veggies and vegans, these goth boots offer consumer choice and infinite style.

New Rock boots, awesome high quality leather goth boots and biker boots. This brand certainly know no bounds when it comes to designing goth boots.

Whether you're a punk, metalhead, death metaller or goth this website pretty much has you covered.The site itself has been broken down into two main categories for ease of use - Womens gothic boots and Mens/Unisex gothic boots.

To find out more about each category click on either image to take you to the relevant section within this gothicbootsdirect.co.uk website.

Enjoy the site!

Gothic Boots

Womens Gothic Boots

Womens Gothic Boots

Unisex Gothic Boots

Unisex Gothic Boots

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